It's OK to say NO!

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

...without feeling guilty 

A simple 'no' can sometimes be the most difficult thing to say. We too often tend to put everyone's needs in front of our own, we slowly put ourselves on the back burner and become this sort of "people pleaser." 

It's now time to say NO to being a people pleaser and YES to moving closer to our own priorities, without feeling guilty about it. 

The key is figuring out when and how to say no. There are different ways to go about doing this: 'I can't make it', 'that doesn't work for me', I'd rather stay in' or simply 'no, thank you.' There is no need for an explanation either because, frankly, it is no one's business why you choose to decline. 

Saying no elicits a feeling of liberation, and the benefits and freedom gained is absolutely great! In the end you will be spending less time at things you'd rather not do with people you'd rather not be around at places you'd rather not be.

"Saying no without guilt requires you to think about what you stand for. As you learn to eliminate unwanted obligations from your life, you are making room for yourself which is just as important as making room for others. Get over the need to be nice. Stop worrying about disappointing others and let go of the sense of importance you get from being indispensable." ~ Anisa Lewis at


  1. Natasha said...

    YES!! Great post sis! I learned this trick years ago when I was going to counseling. My therapist said when you stand up for yourself it will be uncomfortable at first, but will become natural the more you do it. She was right:)

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