No Ceilings; No Walls

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

Our thoughts guide and direct us. It is our thoughts that also limit and bound us - limitations live only in our minds.
As I sat in the library this afternoon reading a novel, I was reminded, by a gentleman sitting next to me, of how limitless we are as human beings and it is us who place limitations on ourselves.
I noticed this old man sitting next to me, he was reading Wayne Dyer's The Sky's the Limit - obviously motivated by it. Later on, he fell quiet and I thought he fell asleep. However, I later came to know he was meditating. He said he was thinking of a plan, he was in deep thought. He went on to tell me that everything that he wants comes to him freely and effortlessly. Of course, I gave him a funny look and even thought he was a bit strange. He then said, "I think everything into existence." Now, that is something I knew all along, but never have I had a real life testament of it. I listened to him for a few more minutes, until he said he had to go - to execute his plan. As he walked away he turned and said to me, "Look up, look around you, really, look! what's holding you inside?" I replied, "well, I'm not sure what you mean but, there are these walls and the ceiling, I can't get out unless I go through the door. He smiled and said to me, "no, young lady, there are no ceilings, no walls - you are limitless and boundless.

So there, as you go about your daily activities try to remember that, it is possible, all those thoughts of great things that you have - it all can happen; if you think it into existence.

No Ceilings; No walls


  1. Robin said...

    Wow..I just got goosebumps reading that..I believe that to but all to often forget it...usually around the holidays..LOL..thanks for the reminder..and now I feel that its time to go and enlighten myself read, to meditate or just imagine..! Thanks . . !!

  2. Matty said...

    At first glance, he sounds like a loon, and his statements pure lunacy. But when you stop and think about it, he then sounds like a genius. Wow.

  3. Life Laugh Latte said...

    I find it interesting to read other people's beliefs, but I don't agree with this one. I think our minds and attitudes are powerful...for sure. It can influence our circumstances. But, I don't believe they bring us what we want. But I also hold the belief that this world isn't all about getting what we want. I believe that God puts us in circumstances to learn and grow and become more like Him. He has enough grace to sometimes make life easy for us, but we only grow in conflict and hardship. I believe this life is training ground for heaven. I do agree that we are often bound by our attitudes, and they limit us. God puts us here to do amazing things for Him. To be His hands and feet. To serve others in big and small ways. So dream big...and let God use you. Holly

  4. annie said...

    I read this twice, I agree that we seems to have the actually boundary around, but we can break through by our imagination and creativity, nothing is impossible. But I also agree with Life Laugh Latte's comment, too. So it's better use our imagination & creativity to interact with God, He will filter and give the best "impossible" to us.

  5. Dr. Patrice Smith said...

    Thanks for the additions. I do agree with you as well Holly. However, we all have our own views. This is just the way this guy sees it. We must understand however that most times we are the ones who limit ourselves. We must try to make a concerted effort to lift these barriers - to think freely.

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