The Face of Insecurity

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

Some people seem to have everything in order - well spoken,well dressed, always the center of attraction, and appear confident. On the other hand, there are others whose overt appearance may lack the same order as the former - bland, introvert, and the perceived lack of confidence. If one is to ask, of the two individuals described, which one appears to have everything going for them? Most people will think that the first person described have the edge. However, most times they are wrong. You see, most people put up a front in order to be accepted. It is evident by observing their behavior. They are always seeking the approval of others; they are always bragging about something that they have done; and finally, they always seem to want to have the last word in. If you're not looking closely and paying attention to such a person, you may be deceived into thinking they have it all together. Oh, you can be so wrong!

Insecurity has many faces and can manifest itself in many different ways but there are tell-tale signs, if you look closely enough you'll realize that the ones who seem to have it all together are often times the ones who are most empty. The overt traits displayed sometimes are done so to mask the void that they're hiding. If you pay close attention to such a person, you would realize that their words and actions are incongruent, to say the least. What one sees as confidence as a result of the spoken word may be just an image of a person crying from the inside out. Don't be fooled; pay close attention and remember "Silence is the symphony of the voice," and one need not be shallow in order to be effective.  

He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking. ~ Lisa Edmondson


  1. dereck said...

    Wow! you are so correct. I know people like this.

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