Summertime, Martini and all

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

Summer is upon us! This is most evident with the heat wave that most of the country experienced last week. I overheard a few comments where people were calling for the winter. I chuckled when I heard those comments because these are the same individuals that echo similar sentiments during the winter, especially when parts of the country is bombarded with snow. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what mother nature throws at us it is embedded in people's DNA to complain. Mother nature has been kind to us, especially in the United States. Have we paid attention to the wrought that mother nature imposed on the people in Asia, the Caribbean and the Middle East over the last 3 years?
It's summertime people... Kick back, sip a Martini by the pool or the beach and enjoy the best of summer. Afterall, isn't this all part of summer before some of us go back into the cloaks of winter?

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