Stop Waiting For Circumstances To Change Your Life

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

A few days ago i began perusing through one of T.D.Jake's book "Reposition Yourself- Living Life Without Limits," and I kept asking myself what does the term 'success' mean to the average person? Success as was discussed on this blog means different things to different people. However, to an onlooker of someone successful, the endpoint or tangibles is what they see. How many times do an onlooker of a successful person ask themselves " what did it take for that person to be successful?" I guess that may be irrelevant, especially in this microwave society that we are living in.
As we look around, anyone that is successful will, for the most part let you know that they've failed many times over before they attain their success. They will also inform the onlooker that SACRIFICES and being CONSISTENT, are two main attributes that a person must employ in order to be successful. One must develop a prize fighter mentality and rid oneself of apathy and mediocrity.
So, the next time you come across someone who is successful, and you still are not, just ask yourself have I rid myself of mediocrity and apathy? Do I have the prize fighter mentality running through my veins? Am I making the necessary SACRIFICES in order for me to be successful? If not, why aren't you?


  1. Francois said...

    Wow! Awesome post.

  2. makeithappen said...

    A wonderful display of wisdom! Thank You.

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