Don't Worry

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

We spend a lot of time worrying sometimes about things that we cannot control. At times we may not be able to help it, but we must understand that worrying doesn't do anything for us; it doesn't make the situation any better, nor does it take away the pain. We have to learn to be aware of this action so that we can counteract it with positive energy. It is important to internalize each situation and take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the problem. It is equally important to look for solutions rather than sit on the problem. Finally, it is equally important to form a positive view and approach each issue as such.
In life we are not expecting everything to be perfect; for, situations do arise. When they do, we must realize that  worrying is a waste of time! It never robs tomorrow of it's sorrow, it only saps today of it's joy.

Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn't take you anywhere ~ Anonymous


  1. m. said...

    this is really great patrice :)

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