Interpersonal Relations

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

While we may have peeled back the layers and better understand ourselves, and motivation, it is equally important for us to be honest with ourselves in our interpersonal relations with others. While to some interpersonal relations may not be a high priority, I do believe that better understanding and making a concerted effort to improve upon it is of paramount importance in our overall growth and development.
As human beings, we want what's best for ourselves and want to be treated with utmost respect at all times; hence, it is of equal importance for us to treat others in the same manner. In other words, the degree of interpersonal competence between individuals can go a very long way in this journey that is called life.
To recognize and acknowledge the importance of interpersonal relations in our lives, we must be honest with ourselves and be willing to employ what I call the triumvirate of better relations: carefully listen, assess information, and offer solutions to problems; rather than hearing, criticizing without solutions and misrepresenting. If we are to truly grow individually and collectively, it becomes evident that improving on interpersonal relations is a must for us.

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