Critical Thinking

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

Is your thinking uninformed, distorted or bias? Do you realize that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts? Well, if it is, then developing a systematic way to analyze thoughts and evaluating outcomes is a trait that must be cultivated. The cultivation of that trait is called critical thinking. Critical thinking in a nutshell is a self-conscious, corrective thinking process. It requires discipline and a strong passion for figuring out solutions to problems, while improving on communication. Critical thinking requires asking essential questions and assessing information. Critical thinking involves developing well thought out solutions that relies more on objective, rather than egocentric thinking. Critical thinking can affect your quality of life; so, if you're interested in developing intellectual traits, then it's important for you to recognize that relevance, significance, depth, clarity, and accuracy are five standards that must be routinely applied to one's sense of reasoning if one is to become a critical thinker.

Marinate on that. 


  1. Senor T said...

    You're so right about your piece on critical thinking Patrice. Critical thinking is a skill that's somewhat lost in our society because people allow others to do the thinking for them.

  2. Natasha said...

    I adore you!!! I really do. Great work. We must push ourselves to be critical thinkers because that is where we will have break throughs!

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