Peel Back the Layers

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

I have one question for you, who are you?

(Think about that for a minute...)

A lot of us have a tendency to label ourselves. I bet your answers were:
1. I am [your name]
2. I am [your social status, profession]
3. I am [your thoughts]
4. I am [your life experiences]
5. I am [your soul or spirit]

I cannot answer this question for you as this is a matter of what you believe; but if you stop for a moment and peel back the layers of roles and labels that you use to define yourself then what's left? The body? yes, but are you merely just a body? Of course not. Some may argue "I think, therefore I am." But what does that mean? You think, yes because you have a mind - you have a mind because you have a brain but isn't thinking and therefore the mind just a function of the brain which is just a part of the body?

Once you begin to peel back all these layers, only then will you find the true you. You will be humbled.

So if you ask me, Who Am I?
I am my higher self, I am.


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    As always you are on point.

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