From Dream to Reality: tenets to Success

Posted by Patrice Smith

Quite often the term success is used by individuals without the true ramification of what it really means in the context of their lives. If someone poses the question, what does success mean? Invariably, a plethora of answers will be echoed. However, while everyone will view success through different lenses, the two fundamental tenets that can help everyone achieve their goals and become successful are discipline and dedication. Why are discipline and dedication two fundamental tenets to success? These are important because before one can become successful in anything that they endeavor or aspire into, that seed must begin with a discipline to consistently apply oneself toward a said goal, coupled with employing a sticktuitiveness in order to making one’s goal a reality. While this may sound foreign to some who believe that the price to success is a golden spoon or luck, just ask anyone who’ve succeeded on their own, and in most instances their answers will reflect “hard work,” “dedication,” “sacrifice,” and the likes. There is no magic wand to success. Success comes with one’s ability to discipline and devote themselves to their goal, whatever it may be. So, the next time you envision yourself being successful, just remember, the duopoly of D’s, Discipline and Dedication, the two fundamental tenets that can make a difference between a dream and reality.

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