Newton's Law and Outside Influences, Law #1

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

An object at rest, stays at rest unless there's an external force acting on it ~ Isaac Newton

Newton, I believe, stated the fundamentals of human action/reaction when he announced the laws of motion. In his first law of motion, he states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless influenced by an outside force. This can be directly linked to the relationships we have with each other.
Do you realize that the larger our circles, the easier it is for us to be influenced by those people within that circle? Suddenly we find ourselves trying to be more like the others. We adapt their behavior and lifestyle. We are, at times, compelled to give up our identities in order to 'fit in,' which can have negative consequences.
On the flip side, the smaller our circle, the less people we have to influence us and hence the less influenced we are by the outside world. Having small circles, especially if its a conscious minded group, enables us to be more genuine, to preserve more of ourselves, while at the same time having less distractions.
Take time, look at your inner circle and ask yourself, do you really need to have all those individuals around, or, should you limit the potential for outside distractions, and most of all negative influences especially when you are striving for upward mobility.


  1. Matty said...

    I think it depends on the personality of the individual. Some people thrive in larger circles, while others are more comfortable in smaller groups. Peer pressure has been around since the beginning of time, and the need to "fit in" affects everyone regardless of the circle you live in. People with the confidence to be themselves despite those around them won't give in to peer pressure regardless of the size of their social network.

  2. annie said...

    I myself is absolutely like small circle, but most of my friends like a large one; but both have pros and cons as I think, a balance will be so perfect.

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