Keep Climbing

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

You may have done it, but now is not the time to stop.

Quite often life throws us a good fortune and we accomplish feats that at instances we may have doubted ourself accomplishing. From getting into the graduate school of choice, getting a promotion on our jobs, doing well on an examination, or moving into your first apartment, these are all worthy endeavors. However, as the moment of achievement dies down, and the nostalgia wanes, it is important for us to realize that the window of achievement that we accomplish should not mean that we sit on our laurels and continue to live in the shadow of what we've accomplished; it means that the opportunity that we took advantage of and the goal that we've accomplished should be the energy that propels us to continue striving for more.

We must not lose sight of goals that we set for ourselves. We must remain hungry so that our drive and passion for improvement remain strong. If we don't, we risk falling short, which in some instances can make the difference between the next great thing that can happen in our lives.

As we begin contemplating our next move, may it be going back to school or looking for that new promotion, remember the more hungry you are - the more passion, energy, and desire you will have for achieving your goals. Remember also that even though you may have done it, now is no time to stop. You must persevere.

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