Originally, we were original

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

Originally, we were original ~ Patrice S.

We are living in a highly technological age. Technological advances seem to occur by the minute (who knows?) Remember just a couple of years ago when the cell phone was introduced to the world? It was a big, bulky gadget. Overtime, not only did it become smaller, but it can facilitate more operations such as send a message using text; it then advanced into color; came with a camera; and before long it could access the web, send and receive email, download music.... It all seemed to have occurred with a wink of the eye, like this:

{missing from this is of course the infamous blackberry and iPhone}

In this fast paced world, this world of instant gratification and the like that we're living in, it is almost difficult for us to be original. Not too long ago when we had papers to write, research to do - we had to huddle our way to the library, sift through stacks of books to find just what we're looking for, or maybe just a hint of what we're looking for. Today, we have the internet - almighty Google. I love living in the technology age! However, I believe I/we have forgotten somewhat what it feels like to live in the days when there were simply no computers, no internet. We had to work for what we wanted. Everything took enormous effort and time. For example, since I have begun writing this blog, I searched the internet for quotations to reflect as themes for what I wrote; this effort required little or no thinking on my behalf. However, as I began processing my thoughts I realized that I was not being original; hence, starting today I will only use original quotations as it reflects the theme I intend to portray.

While technological tools are geared to allow us to do things more efficiently we have to urge ourselves not to get lost in the midst of it all. We still have to be original. Instead of googling "cell phones over the ages" to get the picture I have above, I could have gone around and collected cell phones that people might have had since those times until I had a collection that depicted the image that I wanted to portray. Then, that picture would have been mine - original. However, that time have passed. We are now living in a world of instant gratification.We need things to happen the moment we think about it. We are no longer willing to spend time thinking and processing information. It becomes easier for us to "copy and paste" and pass other people's ideas/work as though we did it. The question that comes to mind is, where is all the technology taking us? Is there a way for us to appreciate and use technology, but not lose our originality? I do think that this is possible, if only we take time to reflect on what's happening around us, and what we need to do to make it happen.
Be original!   


  1. annie said...

    As a designer, we always think our design is original, but it more or less have the shadow of other's, even not now but many years ago in different corner of the world. But I do agree with you 101%, "Be original" as least we should set this as our target and always keep in our mind.

  2. Dr. Patrice Smith said...

    Yep, we should always strive to be original :)

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