Half the Sky

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

Half the Sky, is the name of the book I am now reading. It's a book documenting oppression of women around the world, and how we can change this oppression into opportunity for these women.This isn't a book review, but an awakening and an acknowledgment of the brutalities women face around the world each day. It is an eye opener and I implore you to read this book and to do whatever you can - if at least to become aware.
In some areas of Africa, India and China, sex trafficking is a booming business. Women and young girls, specifically the poor and uneducated , are trafficked, sold, raped, brutally beaten and even killed! It's an ongoing thing and these women have no voice. They are bought and sold as goods! They are forced to have sex, sometimes with many partners, without protection! They are beaten, burned or killed if they refuse. In these countries, women are the underdogs of society, they are subservient, they do as men say and they dare not fight back.
Young girls and women are so undermined in these parts of the world so much that they are not privy to the same medical care as their male counterparts. In the 1990's when the ultrasound was introduced, people of these nations were exceptionally happy as they now could tell the sex of their unborn, and if it were female, they would have abortions. The book also outlines "bride burnings" in parts of India. This is implicated to punish women for inadequate dowry or to eliminate her so a man can remarry! This is not all, in these same regions (Asia and Muslim countries) there are honor killings, sexual slavery, acid attacks, domestic violence and genital mutilation - to name a few.

This is not a book just ranting about the injustice women face, it is real-life documentary of some of these women, personal stories and pictures are placed throughout. Get the book, read these heart wrenching stories and affect change. 

Women hold up Half the Sky - Chinese Proverb


  1. Robin said...

    ...I think I saw that on Oprah...writen by the man and woman..its was heartbreaking yet awe inspiring and enlightening as well...i may read it soon but right now I am backlogged...I will try to catch up..!

  2. Dr. Patrice Smith said...

    Yes, Oprah did feature the authors on her show. Try to get it!

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