Before It's too late

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

It's Tuesday night, actually Wednesday morning - 12:18 am. The phone rings, "It's way too late to have a conversation," I think to myself. It rings again, I press the ignore button. It rings a third time, then a fourth - this must be important. "Hello?" I answer, in the most annoyed voice I could muster. "Hi, it's Carmen" I hear sobs. "Yeah, what's up?" I demanded. "She's in the hospital, unresponsive" Carmen says. "What?, what does that mean? I'm sure she'll be okay - It's probably just her kidneys again" More sobbing... "She can't wake up," she says. Now I'm fully awake. "What the hell Carmen! what do you mean she can't wake up?!" I screamed. More sobbing, "Brain dead." she sobbed into the receiver. The line went dead - busy tone.

It was like a whirlwind. Dizzy - I puked.  Emotions overcame me like nothing I can, to this day, describe. Everything was gray, then totally black.

It was Sunday that i saw her last, saw her smile, her laugh, that sparkle in her eye - full of hope. Just two days ago it felt like she would be here forever. That day, forever came a bit early. No chance to say I love you, to say thank you, to even say good-bye.

But as I sat and thought some more, I realized that there were plenty of chances. There's  just so much that we take for granted - thinking we'll always be here, always tomorrow. It doesn't quite hit you that this is not the case until you lose someone very dear to you - a loved one. It shouldn't be this way. Given the opportunity, we should never fail to express how much someone means to us. Always show appreciation, tell them you love them. Send an email or place a simple call. In the end have no regrets, no guilt; and find comfort in knowing that your loved one knows they meant a lot to you.

Go ahead. Make the call.


  1. Natasha said...

    First, I am sorry for your lost. Secondly I agree with the bottom of my heart. In this season of my life I live with my heart on my sleeve. I tell everyone I LOVE them if my heart feels that. It is a powerful feeling to show LOVE and to feel it. One of my pastors used to say "give someone their flowers while they are here". I make that my mission everyday! GOD bless you sis!

  2. Anonymous said...

    You're correct Patrice. Most times we're so busy caught up with the nuances of everyday activities that we forget to show appreciation to those near and dear to us. As you stated in an earlier post, it is important for us to listen to our inner voice in order to be in tune with ourselves, so, moments like the one you described in your post should not sneak up on us like a thief in the night.
    Accept my condolences on the passing of your loved one.

  3. annie said...

    I am sorry for your lost, Patrice.It's sad to read this, take care and take a rest. Hope you & your friends will be O.K. Pray for you.

  4. Robin said...

    ..I am sorry to Patrice...and what you say is so true...why do we take so long to understand that...until its too late..Hugs and prayers to you...!

  5. Dr. Patrice Smith said...

    Thanks for the condolences :)

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