Critical Thinking

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Thinking critically is an essential tool that's necessary for helping you to better interpret what you read in books and newspapers, hear in speeches and advertisements, and finally in assessing what's happening in your everyday environment. To do so, critical thinking includes but is not limited to making a connection between theoretical and practical knowledge and evaluating the essence of claims made by others while bridging the gap between old and new knowledge. In addition, critical thinking allows a learner to state a position on an issue and defend one's position in a cogent manner. In other words, developing one's notion of critical thinking helps an individual to act as a problem solver, rather than a complainer.
As you traverse through life, you will always be faced with new phenomena and information that may be worthy of evaluating, hence, it will be important to employ critical thinking. How do you know what you read on the internet or in some mediums like newspapers and magazines are all true? Do you ever question the efficacy of such information? Do you check the sources, or attempt to corroborate the information to assess its accuracy? If so, then you are already employing critical thinking as a tool; if not, this is the opportunity to begin using critical thinking as a tool that's necessary to help you evaluate the efficacy of information.
Steps that can be used to aid in critical thinking are:
1. Read and reread or listen attentively
2. Always question the sources of data
3. Always question the conclusions obtained from sources of data
4. Always attempt to determine if any built in biases are incorporated into the conclusion
5. Always attempt to question everything
6. Always attempt to formulate your own conclusions (albeit different sometimes) from those drawn from what you've read, heard, or watched 

Any formal attack on ignorance is bound to fail because the masses are always ready to defend their most precious possession – their ignorance. ~ Hendrik van Loon


  1. Laffylady said...

    great post and reminder..I happen to question everything..almost to the point of annoying..well that's what many tell me..but I need to question it all..until I feel satisfied with my interpretation or understanding..!

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