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Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are trying to conform to the things or systems that are already in place but not catching a break? Sometimes what you need to do re-invent the wheel.

There are many stories of people who have unsuccessfully tried to position themselves in a system that simply has no spot for them. We often dub these unfortunate circumstances with the bromines, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again," or " only through suffering can we find joy," etc. These are often times true, but there are those other times when we should make our own system.

I will be attending Dental School in the fall of 2010, yes I will be a dentist (orthodontist hopefully) SMILE!
Professional schools are extremely expensive to attend but yet, they offer the least funding to their students. I have been tirelessly searching and applying to the little scholarships that exist for students like myself - unsuccessfully. I have heard many horror stories of students who are forced to drop out of these professional schools because of the alarming cost and little to no financing to get through it.
Because of this, I have decided to, in my own way, re-invent the wheel. I have decided to start a cause on facebook, Aid for Minority Dental Students, where anyone may join and support the cause by donating.  Through this cause students like myself will be able to offset some of the expenses that come with professional school - this would make the process a lot  less burdensome, at least financially.

If you would like to support my cause, please go here. Feel feel to join, donate and invite your friends and family. You may also donate by hitting the "donate" button to the left of the screen.

*Some Dental Schools cost well over $300,000, over a 4yr period.
All proceeds from the cause will go to the non-profit organization: Recycle for Education, where it will then be awarded to eligible students.


  1. Robin said...

    Wow... that is the reason some great and qualified people can not even go to dont even cove a fraction..I am well aware of this as my older girl is in her last year of BA and will be attending her MA/PhD program sometime next year...we also dont know where to get all the money..we are hoping she will get in a school that provides full tuition if she gets in and will teach as well...I will go join your cause and spread the word.....and congrats on your future will be terrific...!

  2. annie said...

    Congratulations to you - our future dentist. I am sure you will be a perfect and care dentist to help your patients to pass this "horrify maintenance process". I am lucky to have a good dentist in H.K., too.

  3. Dr. Patrice Smith said...

    Thank you both :)

  4. Anonymous said...

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