Wait Your Turn

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

It's just the way the game is played it's best if you just wait your turn...

This song by Rihanna was on the radio while on my way home from the library this afternoon. She makes a good point. Even though this is one of the only two lines I know in the song, I took something away from it. In essence, I got that nothing happens before it's time. Sometimes we find ourselves trying so hard, on numerous occasions to obtain something, when, sometimes it's just not our turn yet. Often times, if we just give it time and wait for everything to take it's time and fall into place we will  find just what we are looking for, or even better.

For someone special today, the wait is over! 
Matty from Matty Thoughts is the winner of the February 21st drawing of the beautiful two-toned bracelet.
Congrats Matty!! Hope it brings you lots of joy! 

For the rest of you who did not win this time around, well, I guess you'll just have to wait your turn!


  1. Life Laugh Latte said...

    Waiting...boy that doesn't come naturally does it?! Painful to wait...starts at birth wanting milk NOW! That infant cry that escalates from 0-60 in 1 second. Great reminder. Holly

  2. Robin said...

    I hate waiting..and sometimes I feel that I get more impatient as time goes by..thats not right..!Congrats to Matty...!have great day..!

  3. sanjeet said...

    what a great post

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