Of Giving and Receiving (GIVEAWAY!!)

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

It's a special time of year; It's the month of February, the month of love - of giving and receiving.

...and so, in keeping with this month's festivities, I want to give a little love to my fellow bloggers. Yes, it's a giveaway! This giveaway is a beautiful two tone (silver and gold) magnetic bracelet. It's a fashionable addition to your jewelry collection, and can be worn to complement casual wear, business attire or even evening wear. It's the perfect gift for the season. There are two options, one for men and one for women. Winner will receive one or the other (any of your choice).

The criteria for this giveaway are:

1. Be a follower of Climb. Reach. Achieve through Google friend connect. You follow by clicking the "follow" button on the left panel.
2. Leave a comment on this post stating why this is giveaway makes the perfect gift, and comment on all other posts leading to the months drawing.
Other Entries:
3. Follow my tweets on twitter @psmithsonian
4. Grab my button!
**All actions are worth 1 entry each. Grabbing the button is worth 4 entries.

This contest ends on February 21, 2010 at 11:59pm, eastern time. Winner will be chosen randomly and contacted via email. Ensure that I can access your profile to retrieve your email address or simply place it in the comment section. The winner will have 24hrs to accept the gift or the gift will be given to the next random pick. Good luck!

...and for the receiving portion, I'd like to say many thanks to Robin at Insights and Belly Laughs for handing down the Happy 101 award. It's my second time receiving this award so yes, I'm very happy!

In keeping with the tradition of this award, ten things that make me truly happy are:
1. Blogging    2. Friends    3. Family    4. Helping others    5. Seeing someone smile    6. Traveling    7. Being Successful    8.  Accomplishing goals    9. Making someone else happy    10. Receiving awards :)

I'd also like to pass this award down to some other bloggers/blogs that make me happy:
1.Calebsmom at I'll Do Me for being such a great and beautiful mom.
2. Orville at Superdupes Blog for being uniquely you.
3. The girls at Life Laugh Latte for being so funny, witty and ALL female
4. Riz at Listen to Riz for being beautiful and down to earth
5. Tynga at Tynga's Blog Design for creatively and beautifully designing my blog over by Stu-DENT Diaries. Have you seen it? She's also VERY affordable!

The quickest way to receive love is to give love; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly; and the best way to keep love is to give it wings (Unknown).

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  1. annie said...

    Thanks Patrice, I've already received your gift through this post.
    Happy Valentine's day! (Nice setting of your gift photo.)

  2. lovemylevi said...

    Hi, following you from Friday Follow.

  3. Shawnte said...

    Thanks Patrice for showing me love! I just wish I had more time to really sit down and read and comment on everything the way I want to. I love what you do as well! New business woman, husband, 2 year old, full time job, taking care of other relatives...Its hard to find time for me, but its good to have your support.

  4. Riz said...


    The quote about love is so true. Keep posting.


  5. Matty said...

    My wife wants a piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day. Yeah, she's like that.....a woman. And even though the contest ends well after, it will still be a nice "for no reason" surprise gift.

    As you know, I follow you and made this comment.

  6. MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

    I'm a google follower!

  7. MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

    This would be a perfect gift for my MIL. Her birthday is coming up and she is usually such a difficult person to shop for - but she (like most woman) adores jewelry.

  8. MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

    I follow your tweets! (misadventmomof3)

  9. Life Laugh Latte said...

    Thanks for giving us this award. So sweet of you. We love coming by here too. Good luck with the giveaway. Hope it does wonderful things for your blog. Holly:)

  10. HalfCrazy said...

    Thanks so much for the shout out and the love...Hope that you receive ten-fold what you wish for me!!! And that you remain happy. Thank you for being so honest, brilliantly insightful and driven on you blog(s)!!!

  11. Dr. Patrice Smith said...


  12. Sofa King said...

    Happy Friday Follow! Found you on there list. Following you. Stop by me if you get the time. Don't forget to enter my contest, "NAME THAT BAND"! Have a good weekend!

  13. supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

    Those bracelets would match my hazel eyes. Oh who am I kidding! I WANT THEM NO MATTER WHAT COLOR MY EYES ARE! TOO PRETTY ! .. I followed !


  14. Anonymous said...

    congrats on the award!!! :)

  15. Dimes2Vines said...

    Stopping by from Fri Follows - I'm a new follower! Love to have you stop by:

    Jewelry always makes a wonderful presents!

  16. sanjeet said...

    I'm a google follower!

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