Give Thanks

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

Thanksgiving is celebrated as a time for family, a time to get together and reunite with those loved ones, relations, and friends you haven't seen in a while. It's an opportunity to eat turkey and copious amounts of other food without feeling guilty - a holiday!

This Thanksgiving, as you welcome your friends, family, guests and other acquaintances into your home, be grateful and thankful for everyone and everything you have accomplished in life. Take a moment to reflect on all this. As you sit down to eat, don't forget to also take time to mention the true history of America. Acknowledge the joy at coming together, and the rich tapestry that makes up this American culture. It is the richness of the people that makes us a strong and resolute people. At the same time, we must be cognizant that not everyone may share in the values and mores of this day. We must not shun them. We must, in the richness of our history, enlighten them on the greatness of this country and its people. Although at times disagreeing, but we do so in the spirit of not only learning to forgive, but yet remembering to give thanks even for those that we disagree with.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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