Embrace the positives and negatives

Posted by Dr. Patrice Smith

"Only when we can love hell will we find heaven." ~ Anonymous~
The positives and the negatives serve their purpose. People tend to focus on the light, the positive and shun the darkness, the negative. But the truth is, this is the only possible solution for a wholesome, fulfilled life. In our world of duality, any effort to focus all attention on the positive only increases the negative.

Our aim should not be to deny or to reject anything but to embrace it all.


  1. Senor T said...

    Accepting the dualities of negatives and positives is akin to moving towards self actualization. It is important for us as mortal beings to realize that our imperfections are to be built upon, not harped upon. Unfortunately, the latter takes more precedence in people's lives, hence styming their overall growth and development.In striving for betterment, we must be open and honest as we accept what we cannot change and work on changing what we can.

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